High Quality Maintenance Services, LLC


Window Washing Services

Commercial Window Washing

Our residential & commercial window cleaning services are designed to care for even the unexpressed needs of our home & business owners. If you are entering your “spring cleaning” run or just simply looking to brighten your home, please give us a call. Our staff cares about our customers needs and continually strives to create relationships rather than contacts. 

If your are looking for a great window cleaning service in your area let us make it easy for you. We know window cleaning is not something you want to spend a lot of time on and we’re here to make it easy and stress free! Let us brighten your view 

Lastly, we provide extensive safety and procedural training to all employees and are committed to ensuring a safe operation at each client property.

Office Window Washing

Customers spend more and stay longer at a clean and radiant business. Your storefront and windows are your first impression. Make them count. 

High Quality Maintenance Services, performed like clockwork, will guarantee that your customers see your best side at all times. You want your properties to shine. That's our specialty. Whether you have a multi-level office, apartment complex, or business mall, our window cleaning and pressure washing services will provide the tools needed to preserve your assets and keep your tenants happy.

Consider the following

  • We practice work habits that keep our workers and the public safe. 
  • We adhere to High Quality Maintenance Services  and building maintenance safety laws and regulations.
  • Our cleaning techniques, tools, and pricing are up to date and competitive
  • We have standards of operation in place and only allow workers that are trustworthy and hard working to bear our name.
  • We maintain a high level of professionalism in our appearance and service.
  • We work with consistent quality. The amount of time we take cleaning windows is the amount of time we need.
  • We have experience worthy of trust, recognition and loyalty.
  • We value our reputation. We are punctual and mindful of every client impression.
  • We are always friendly, easy to get along with and view our relationship with the clients as second only to safety in level of importance.
  • Last but not least: your satisfaction is our main priority and we take our job seriously.
Residential Window Washing

High Quality Maintenance Services let you enjoy the natural world outside but also let trees stare straight inside your home all day long. Clear things up with this Group on.

All of our services are first rate and we guarantee the work we do. We treat your house or business, as though it is our own, and respect your opinions about our work, so that we can deliver the best service available to you.

High Quality Maintenance Services is a professional window cleaning service specializing in residential homes, from town homes and condos to estates. Oversees each step of the process from the initial customer contact, and convenient scheduling, to the window cleaning itself, including a careful inspection of the work to ensure each customer’s complete satisfaction.

Along with cleaning the interior and exterior of the glass, the service includes wiping down sills and frames. Additionally, High Quality Maintenance Services always keeps the work area clean while protecting your home with the use of drop cloths and careful moving of any furniture, or other delicate items. The safe maneuvering of ladders throughout your residence, and additional services is another significant aspect essential to a top notch window service. Can be counted on to handle all of these particulars with utmost                                                                                          proficiency.