High Quality Maintenance Services, LLC


Rubbish Removal

If you are a property manager, superintendent, contractor, 
or any other related industry that can benefit from expedited junk removal services; 
High Quality Maintenance Services has the professional solution to your bulk trash removal needs.

When you need both demolition and removal, just make one call to High Quality Maintenance Services, and we'll get the job done. Our Specialists are trained to perform dismantling of partitions and light demolition whether it’s a single wall, a restroom full of fixtures and tiles, or removal of retail wall fixtures. We will dismantle it, break it down, and haul it away.

                                   Same Day Pick up Services Available

Storage Spaces 

Whether you own or manage a storage space facility and need to clean out abandoned units; or want to get rid of years of old junk in your personal storage space; 
HQMS is the company you can count on.

We will help you remove all junk including furniture, boxes, trash, bags, clothing, construction materials and other junk. We will also sweep the space clean and mop the floors or clean up the walls when necessary, leaving the storage space clean and ready for the next storage use.

We’ll leave you with a neat, broom swept, new storage space.


                                                                                                                            High Quality Maintenance Services is your junk removal partner.

Foreclosures and Evictions

High Quality Maintenance Services removes junk that is left behind, or unwanted items from foreclosures, evictions, abandoned storage spaces, or previous tenants. We will clean out entire homes, apartments, condos, and retail spaces, including all removal of junk furniture, flooring, fixtures, papers, trash, and other debris. We’ll leave you with a neat, broom clean new space.

We currently are experiencing a record number of foreclosures due to layoffs, bankruptcies, downsizing, and other factors. Many homeowners and leave their homes unable to clean it out completely, and abandon junk property and personal belongings.