High Quality Maintenance Services, LLC


Floor Maintenance Services

VCT Stripping & Waxing floors

High Quality Maintenance Services provide floor services such as: dust mopping and dump mopping hallways, sitting areas, and lobbies.

We also offer, stripping and waxing for Vinyl Composite Flooring (VCT) with our highest quality agents and waxes. 

We evaluate several factors needed for desired appearance & shine, location and different types of traffic; to determine the proper methods best needed for you.

All types of floors are our secialty

High Quality Maintenance Services performs the work to your specifications and your expectations. We use High Quality Products and the best results possible. 

Doing a floor properly requires stripping, sealing, waxing and good quality workmanship.

Whether your floor is done on an ongoing basis with burnishing or buffing; or just a once or twice a year wax or re-coast. 

We will always give you workmanship you can appreciate and trust.

The right solution for the right job

Stripping & Waxing (VCT) flooring

Tile Stripping & waxing is a process used on Vinyl composition tile (VCT) which is a finished linoleum flooring material. VCT is used primarily in commercial and institutional applications. Vinyl tiles are typically waxed and buffed using a special floor pad and cleaning agent to keep a good looking clean floor. 

Vinyl tiles are favored over any other kind of flooring materials in high-traffic areas; because of its low cost, durability, and is easy to maintain. Vinyl tiles or linoleum floor have high resilience to abrasion and impact damage. It can be repeatedly refinished by stripping the old dull wax layers; then using a stripping solution and mechanical buffer. 

Next, we re-apply a new wax finish to protect the floor and leave a beautiful shine. If tiles are properly installed; then they can be easily removed, replaced, or repaired when damaged. Stripping & waxing is recommended for old and newly installed (not sealed yet) vinyl and tile floors.     

(VCT) Floor Wax Maintenance            

Any tile flooring, including VCT that is not properly sealed, waxed, and protected will wear down; forcing the owner to replace the floor much sooner than planned. Always remember, a proper maintenance plan will extend the life of your floors and save you money

High QualityMaintenance Services will always provide their customers with a maintenance and tile cleaning schedule; which includes stripping and waxing for their vinyl tile flooring. Without the proper maintenance; Vinyl tile and linoleum floors will dull and become dirty looking despite routine floor cleaning. This usually occurs when there is a wax buildup which results in the  discoloration of the existing floor an tiles.