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Day Care

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High QualityMaintenance Services will provide your daycare with Ideal and systematic  cleaning which is normally not done by outside services.

As part of our staff's daily routine; each daycare is set up with a daily cleaning schedule. This system sets us apart from the average cleaning service. 

Garbage cans will be emptied and disinfected every day!

Mop heads will be changed on a daily basis. We also get rid of all left over food, drinks, diaper's and left over milk left outside of the refrigerators!

We are careful to sanitize chairs, door handles, urinal handles and faucet knobs with strong disinfectants wherever the transfer of germs may occur.

Carpet Care

High Quality Maintenance Services carpet cleaning system is one of the best in the industry. 

We are able to accomplish this is by vacuuming the carpets daily, as well as spot cleaning. Carpet shampooing is completed quarterly; unless needed sooner. 

Giving your carpet a daily cleaning helps eliminates the need for an outside service which in turn saves your facility extra costs.

The vacuum cleaner shown in the picture to the left is known as the CRI approved upright vacuum cleaner. This unit is highly recommended, and great for nurseries, daycares, schools, hospitals and much more!

In the link below, hear what some parents are talking about in regards to rugs that are not being maintained properly

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State and District Inspectors perform inspections of Nursery Schools according to the highest possible standards.

High QualityMaintenance Services takes time out to Inspect Nurseries under our contracts on a yearly basis to ensure the Safety of our children first and foremost; as well as preparing the facility for state inspections. 

The State of New Jersey

The State of New Jersey Inspects Nurseries on a yearly basis to ensure the Safety of

our children. School DistrictInspectors performInspections according to the highest possible standards. All Nursery, Day Care and Public Schools must pass janitorial inspection which is also recommended by the State Of New Jersey. One of the things the State requires is the right mixture of Clorox bleach to water ratio. 

The Answer would be: 1/4 cup of Clorox mix to a one litter bottle. 

There is also a review of where child care operations must employ disinfectants vs.sanitizers. Disinfecting is required in child care settings on hard surfaces where diapering or toilet activities are located. Also on toys and other objects. Sanitizing is required in child care settings on hard surfaces where food is eaten, termed food contact surfaces; such as lunch tables and high chair trays, and on non-mouthed toys.

Percentage of trained sites adopting bleach-free practices post-training

25% l Bleach-free sanitizer & disinfectant

58% l Bleach-free sanitizer only

17% Bleach