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Why diapers, you ask?

Vulnerable children, the disabled, and the elderly suffer physical and emotional distress when financial resources prevent the purchase of enough diapers. Imagine a baby who only receives two or three diaper changes each day, instead of a healthy ten to twelve changes. And many disabled children never outgrow the need for diapers.

Diapers are such a basic necessity, not a luxury. The development of our Diaper Bank engages everyone in the community to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens receive a healthy daily change of diapers. The Diaper Bank also reflects community collaboration at it’s best---children, families, churches, schools and businesses collecting diapers twice a year; dozens of non-profit organizations distributing diapers to the most vulnerable children and families they currently serve. Our current non-profit distribution partners include Catholic Charities Hope House/Birthright, Children on the Green, Homeless Solutions, Family Promise of Morris County, Jersey Battered Women's Services, Little People’s Academy, Morris County Office of Temporary Assistance, NORWESCAP Early Head Start Program, Parsippany Child Day Care Center, and the Samaritan Inn Shelter. As we are assured of adequate resources to support storage of a large supply of diapers we will expand our community partnerships.

Help make the Diaper Bank a possibility for our children, disabled, and elderly in need. Our goal is to collect and distribute more than 2 million. To date, Child & Family Resources has collected over 350,000 diapers for 1000 eligible children, disabled, and adults in Morris County. We recognize that the need is even greater, so we anticipate significant growth each year as we engage everyone to donate diapers.

Child & Family Resources will establish linkages with key community partners and coordinate the awareness campaigns, collection, transportation, storage, and distribution of diapers to needy individuals through area non-profits, churches, and schools. As a community, we will join together to provide this very basic health and safety garment for our vulnerable populations.

Why Diapers?

The Facts

  • A healthy change of diapers costs $112/month for children and $312/month for adults.
  • Full-time work at minimum wage grosses + $1,160/per month and at $10/hour grosses +$1,600. Average rent for 1 bedroom apartment is $1,045 per month, leaving only $115-$555 in disposable income for all other expenses, including taxes and diapers.
  • In 2007 Morris County had 1,316 children under 5 living in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Safety net programs do NOT cover diapers---not Food Stamps, not WIC, not Medicare (except hospice).
  • Cloth diapers are not an option. Child care programs require disposable diapers for sanitary reasons. Cloth diapers are not readily available for adults.
  • Diaper manufacturers do not donate diapers unless you have quadruplets or more and can provide a PR opportunity.

The Impacts

On Children:

  • A normal infant uses up to 12 diapers/day; a toddler uses up to 8 diapers/day. In low-income households, a child may be in a single diaper all day or longer, increasing risk of health problems from skin diseases to hepatitis.
  • A baby crying non-stop from being in a soiled diaper for a prolonged period of time is more likely to be abused.

On the Elderly:

  • 10-20% of all adults over age 65 suffer from some degree of incontinence.
  • Healthy but incontinent seniors often become homebound if they cant afford supplies.
  • Incontinence is among the most common reasons for the elderly to be placed in nursing homes.

                                                                                 On the Disable:
  • Many disabled babies never outgrow the need for diapers—not when they are 8 or 18, or an adult.
  • Diaper costs are not covered as medical necessities and can devastate families.
  • For child care, school, and job training, many disabled children and adults require incontinence supplies.

Want to get involved? Host a Diaper Drive at your workplace, congregation, or organization. Collect diapers at an upcoming party or family event, like Master Baresh’s 1st birthday party. Volunteer to sort and pack diapers for participating community partners. 

Donate dollars for diapers or host a fundraising event for the Diaper Bank at Child & Family Resources. For more information, please call Claire at 973-398-1730x131.

*Child & Family Resources can only accept unopened packages of diapers. To donate opened packages or loose diapers, please contact North Porch Women & Infants Center at (973) 537-0392.